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Interdental brush prime plus handy, mixed set

RM 25.00
CPS prime plus handy mixed
CPS prime plus handy mixed
  • On sale!

Interdental brush prime plus handy, mixed set

RM 25.00

5 interdental brushes CPS 06-011 prime + 1 holder UHS 409
Note: CPS150 will be used in place of the Mixed handy set (5 different handy holders provided)

Probably the finest ever interdental brushes. CPS prime brushes can clean in very narrow interdental spaces… helping to prevent gum inflammation and bad breath. Once a day is all it takes.

Space-filling, effective and gentle: Curaprox interdental brushes clean the entire critical interdental space effectively and without injury: from the gum line over the concave niches to right under the contact point. Even the tiniest interdental spaces are dealt with without risk of injury – thanks to Cural®, the ultra-thin and extra strong surgical wire that makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out. Done.

  • Ultrafine bristles with umbrella effect
  • Patented surgical wire for the smallest interdental spaces
  • Long service life
  • Click system for all holders

Data sheet

Accessibility / Effectiveness
0.6 mm / 2.2 mm
0.7 mm / 2.5 mm
0.8 mm / 3.2 mm
0.9 mm / 4.0 mm
1.1 mm / 5.0 mm
Bad breath
Bleeding gums
Clean teeth
Gum care
Gum inflammation
Sensitive teeth
Product variety
Age group

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