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Fun. Fresh. Healthy.

Finally, a toothpaste that makes kids excited about brushing their teeth. Funky fresh strawberry, watermelon and mint give them a party in their mouth. And you can feel secure you’re doing everything you can to nurture their oral health.

Low RDA – RDA approx 40 – protects their precious tooth enamel


Makes brushing fun

Trying to motivate your little ones to brush their teeth can become boring – for them and for you. Say goodbye to endless nagging… with the Curaprox kids toothpaste revolution.

Great taste!

Your kids can’t get excited about boring old toothpaste flavours. Why would they? Our extensive tests show they do get excited about strawberry, watermelon and mint. It’s a taste sensation.

So what’s in it for adults?

An innovative, nourishing formula that helps to give your children the best possible start in life. No baddies like SLS. Only the goodies for your little angels.

The gentle way - no nasties.

Curaprox toothpastes - whether for adults or for children - contain gentle, harmless-but-effective ingredients only. All of them - including our whitening toothpastes - give you something to smile about... without harsh, painful chemicals. No SLS, no Triclosan, no bleaches, no plastic microbeads.              

And to cap it all off…

Opening and closing their Curaprox kids toothpaste is child’s play. And the extra-thin toothpaste tube is specially designed for children’s hands.


Fluoride protects the teeth. Birch sugar - also known as xylitol - makes them strong. And two enzymes give a natural, antibacterial effect. The winning combination. 

Enzymatic protection

The enzymes amyloglucosidase and glucosidase in Curaprox kids toothpaste boost the protective power of your child’s saliva to fight harmful bacteria. Better protection. Naturally.

Fluoride – extremely good at its job

Fluoride strengthens their tooth enamel and helps them to beat decay. Curaprox kids toothpastes give you three options – 950 ppm, 1450 ppm for older children and fluoride free.